BKids is the children’s ministry of Bethany Church. Our vision is to provide a safe, fun atmosphere where solid Biblical truths are presented and children can experience the love and freedom found through a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ.

BKids services consist of a high-energy corporate service followed by B-Groups. In the small-group setting, children can connect with others their own age to discuss and learn how to apply the truths taught in the BKids service.


Our goal is to partner with you as a parent in the spiritual development of your child. Below you will find answers to several frequently asked questions, and you are always welcome to visit a BKids service or to become a BKids volunteer.

B-Kids Camp “This Is Living” will take place Monday - Thursday 8:30am to 12pm. It will be held at the baker Campus from June 1-4, and again at the South Baton Rouge Campus from June 8-11.

Please sign your children up to be a part of this amazing camp!

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Q: When are the BKids services held?
BKids services are held at both North and South campuses during the main adult services.

Q: What will my child experience when they attend BKids?
We believe in giving children great small group and large group experiences in BKids. The first part of our services consistent of games, praise and lesson introductions followed by a powerful B-Group experience. Once the B-Group time is complete, children return to the large group where the offering, praise and worship, and an interactive Bible lesson take place.

Q: What should my child bring when attending BKids?
We encourage each child to bring their Bible, offering, and a friend!

Q: My children are different ages. Can they stay together during B-Groups?
Each small group is age-specific, so we strongly encourage parents to allow their kids to attend their respective age-appropriate groups.

Q: What grades can attend BKids?
BKids is for children in kindergarten through grade 5.

Q: Will it take a long time to check my child into BKids?
Check-in is quick, safe, and easy. We have several self-check in kiosks available for you to use. We also have highly-trained volunteers to assist you if you need help.

Q: What time should my child arrive for the service?
BKids opens 30 minutes before the adult service begins. We encourage parents to have their kids checked in before the start of service.