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First Wednesday-2018 Part

Satan and Demonic Power

Larry Stockstill

July 11, 2018

I. The ORIGIN of Satan and demonic spirits

Ezekiel 28:2, 12-“prince of Tyre” and “king of Tyre”

  • Beautiful (vv. 12-13)
  • Musical (v. 13)
  • Holy, anointed (vv. 14-15)
  • Corrupted (v. 17)

What are demonic spirits?

  • Where did they come from? There are two theories:
    • One-third of the angels that fell with Lucifer 
(Revelation 12)
    • The spirits of the Nephilim
  • Demons are disembodied spirits. They seek a body of a person or an animal to manifest themselves in.

II. Seven ARENAS of demonic power

  • Apostasy-doctrines of devils (1 Timothy 4:1)
  • Business-addiction to money
  • Politics-prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13)
  • Crime
  • Occult
  • Disease
  • Morals

III. STRONGHOLDS of demonic power

  • Nations (Daniel 10:13-Persia)
  • Cities (Revelation 2:12-Pergamos)
  • People

IV. DISEASE and demonic power (Luke 13:11)

V. SYMBOLS of demonic power

  • Symbols and emblems are for worship of Satan’s power.
    • Idols
    • Crystal balls and ouija boards
    • Heathen curios and idols
    • Horoscopes, fortune-tellers
  • What should you do? Burn them (Acts 19:19).

VI. Seven STAGES of demonic activity

  • 1 - Regression-going backward, backsliding
  • 2 - Repression-no joy, no expression. It holds back the NATURAL EXPRESSION OF LIFE.
  • 3 - Suppression-greater pressures, more intense and overt against the human soul
  • 4 - Depression-a broken spirit, pressed down until the spirit is crushed
  • 5 - Oppression-Acts 10:38 KJV: “…oppressed of the devil”; means to carry a burden that crushes you
  • 6 - Obsession-needs outside help to be free; a total preoccupation with an idea or emotion
  • 7 - Possession-absolute, total control of the devil; no mind of your own

VII. Christians and demonic power

  • Knowledge brings authority.
  • Submit to God…resist the devil (James 4:7).
  • Stay on the right side of the border.
First Wednesday-2018

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