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God, Help My Money Part 3

Finance Your Future

Larry Stockstill

March 4, 2018

We have dealt with the “internal” side of money and the”eternal” aspect of money. This weekend, we are dealing with the three “external” aspects of money:

  1. ENVIRONMENT: How you have handled your money in the PAST? (Debt)

  2. BEHAVIOR: Where you are PRESENTLY with your money? (Cash)

  3. POTENTIAL: What can your financial FUTURE look like? (Investment)

I. Environment:

“The creditor has come to take my two children” (WHAT HAS GOTTEN ME TO WHERE I AM?)

  • Don’t substitute “SPIRITUALITY” for “practicality” with finances.
  • Am I “chasing CHANGE?”
    • I constantly look for a “fresh START.”
    • I stay in TOXIC relationships.
    • I listen to everybody’s OPINION.
  • Am I “following GROWTH?”
    • Follow spiritual LEADERSHIP.
    • Follow godly MENTORS.
    • Get financial EDUCATION.

II. Behavior:

“What do you HAVE in your house?”(Law of Awareness)

OPEN YOUR EYES: “Numbers never lie.”

  • Check your credit card bill.
  • Balance your checking account monthly.
  • Review direct withdrawals.


  • Determine the target levels for each of the four financial values:
    • Live: 40%
    • Owe: 30% (mostly taxes)
    • Give: 10%
    • Grow: 20%


  • “Battle Sam”
  • “Deep freeze DECISIONS”
  • “Set a cost limit”
  • “Watch the blue light”
  • “Check out of CHECKING”
  • “1 or zero car notes”
  • “Total cost of home ownership: 28%

III. Potential:

“Go, borrow vessels.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • “What if?”
  • “What’s possible?”
  • “Why not me?”
  • “Why not with God for God?”

Three vessels you need to use:

  • PERSONAL INVESTMENT: Do whatever you need to do in order to grow in your company, role, or extra income.
  • PATIENT INVESTMENT—Save and invest, pay down debt, little by little.
  • PASSIVE INVESTMENT—Step out in faith
    • Rental real estate
    • Royalties, inventions, or products
    • Business run by a team.
God, Help My Money

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